Sunday, March 21, 2010

Charlie Chaplin's in Modern Times

When reading the Jungle by Upton Sinclair it reminded me of Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, where the humans are working with machines, and so in order for the factory workers to keep up with the fast pace of the machines they begin to turn into machines. Chaplin’s character must constantly be in-sync with machines or else the system fails. He does tedious work, and the only way for him to take a break is if another person takes over for him. He must punch in and out for every break he takes. The most interesting part is when a company comes in to sell a product that will assure factory that they will get the most for their money. To make sure they beat the competition they have created a machine that will allow the worker to eat lunch while they work in order to guarantee time will not be lost.

Another funny clip that can be connected to the Jungle and child labor is from the movie Zoolander. Mugatu and the other fashion designers are promoting child labor in other third world countries. They do not want to have to pay much for their garment manufacturing and are planning on killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia, so he does not outlaw child labor.

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