Monday, March 1, 2010

Dexter: The Code of Harry and Freud on human repression

When reading Freud I could not help to think about Showtime’s Dexter. Eagleton discusses Freud’s analysis on human repression of the “pleasure principle” by the “reality principle”. Then he mentions how this repression could become a negative aspect of one’s life and make them sick. Too much repression cannot be a good thing, but humans can put up with some. “One way in which we cope with desires we cannot fulfil is by ‘sublimating’ them, by which Freud means directing them towards a more socially valued end.” In Dexter’s case, he lives by Harry’s code. Harry, his adopted father realizes that Dexter has tendencies and urges to kill, and creates a code where Dexter can still kill, but only killers. He does not harm the innocent, but instead protects them by eliminating other killers. By doing this Dexter is able to control a lot of his urges and pretend to live a normal life.

"Dexter: The Code of Harry"

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