Saturday, May 1, 2010

Elephant Man and Edward Scissorhands

Elephant man can be connected to the film Edward Scissorhands. Edward is put on show for the town and cannot identify with anyone. Though the townspeople are nice to him, it is only because they find him interesting and they too want to feel unique, so they allow him to give them all haircuts and make shapes out of their bushes with his scissor hands. He accepts that he will always be different even after he tries to fit in with those that are nice to him. In the end he realizes that he will always be different and decides to fake his death and live in a life of solitude. By doing this he eases the town’s minds. Just like the Elephant Man he will always be the biggest part of the performance. Everyone is watching him and therefore remains on outcast of society and a spectacle to everyone that is apart of society.

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